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More than Half of Leading Brands in the UK Have Safety Issues with Their Ads

Ebiquity recently released a report on this ‘year’s ad safety levels in the UK. According to the researcher, nearly two-thirds of ads from the United Kingdom’s leading 100 advertisers operated non-brand-safe ecosystems.

The research revealed that 65 percent of the brands run security risks, with online business being at the most risk. Following closely were charity firms and food & drink stores.

The study also discovered a strong link between ads that ran in non-brand-safe ecosystems and ad scam. This connection exists because traffic brokers are responsible for most of the website traffic we could classify as unsafe. For instance, the cost-per-click purchase models that make up for under-delivery in pricing plans by digital media.

“Most of the sites that use traffic brokers classify as non-brand-safe and are a major contributor to the status quo,” the findings concluded.

More figures from the report disclosed that Performance ad campaigns face a higher safety threat. These increased dangers result from the less attention paid to the sector in which conversions are the center of attraction for most brands.

For instance, brands can purchase high quantities of cheap, substandard inventory – referred to as cookie bombing – in a move to blow up conversion rates.

Nevertheless, risk levels vary from one ad category to the next. For instance, car brand ads are more prone to show up in ecosystems with “weapons and violence,” while finance and beauty ads are more prone to surface in web content we would classify as “extreme” or those discussing political ideologies.

ECommerce is at the Highest Risk Level

In the meantime, eCommerce was the category most prone to ecosystems with “Nudity and sexual content” – a finding that could be linked to the direct-response approach of performance campaigns.

According to the director of digital affairs at Ebiquity, Angus McLean, this new report sheds more light on brand safety proving the matter is a sticking point that applies to most brands though no one standard fits all ads.

“In the face of the continued risks to UK business, we are positive advertisers can take proactive measures to deal with ad fraud and increase safety levels,” said McLean.

Wrap Up

With two-thirds of top-ranking brands in the nation falling under non-brand-safe zones, a business cannot afford to ignore ad safety. Hopefully, all sectors will launch campaigns to reduce ad fraud and increase security levels.

Author Bio: Payment industry expert Taylor Cole is a passionate merchant account expert who understands the complicated world of accepting credit and debit cards at your business. His understanding of Sagepay review has helped thousands of business owners save money and time.