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Redesign Your Website

In running a business, we must always do something new. Like the website that we use to run our business, we must always update our website regularly. Many reasons support why we have to update and add some features to our website if necessary. Here we will discuss several reasons why we should do it.

Unresponsive Website

The first is a website that is not responsive. Responsive web design is a web page that can be accessed properly via a PC / Tablet / HP with the appropriate display. Nowadays mobile users are getting higher, this states that responsive web design is important for the future. You have to start thinking about visitors who use this tablet pc and mobile phone. At present, unfortunately, there are still many websites that use a 2-display system. In an example, 1 website to serve PC users and if it turns out visitors use a Tablet / HP then the system will display the appearance of the mobile, but this method is outdated or outdated and is not good for optimizing your website with SEO methods. By updating our website, of course, Responsive Webdesign Theme will have a good impact on the existence and function of the website itself.

The web that is not SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Friendly

If your website is not easily found by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and the others, then your website visitors will be few, and no one knows your website is on the Internet. You must be able to compare where your website competitors. If you show poor results when you make a change because it could be that your website’s SEO ON Page is not good because there is a lot of code writing that is wrong or not good on the website or a bad URL structure. One website design agent named TYPO3 has several services offered to make your website easier to reach by the search engines mentioned above.

Confusing Web Navigation and Layout

The next is navigation and layout are important elements in every website creation, making messy website navigation will certainly be inconvenient for visitors who are looking for something on your website. Layout is also the case if the layout that you present to visitors is bad then the view of visitors on your website too. In structuring the layout and navigation you can copy various other well-known websites how it directs the flow of visitors, pay attention to the comfort of visitors and so on.

Web Design That Has Been Old-school

This is more towards the aesthetics of your website, sometimes website redesign does need to be adjusted by the times, and the use of various CMS must be adjusted to the public. The trend on the website also affects website visitors, websites that have an outdated layout would certainly be a minus value in the eyes of the end, and the appearance of the website must look fresh with the help of new technologies. TYPO3 Theme is offering good and eye-catchy web design that can be accepted in this era.