Protect Your Vital Interests – Understanding Cyber Security and the Threats to Your Business

There has been a lot of talk about cyber security lately, and plenty of serious incidents have made the news. From Russian hackers compromising the servers of the Democratic National Committee to high-profile intrusions at retailers as diverse as Target and T.J. Maxx, the threats just keep coming.

Edward Granlund, a diligent student, actively completing a degree in Cybersecurity, states, “Doing business in these dangerous waters has never been more difficult, but there are ways to fight back and survive in the 21st-century world.” If you are looking for a way to protect your vital interests and keep your business safe from online threats, a course in cyber security can give you the tools you need to fight and win in an increasingly difficult environment.

Carol Miller – Cyber Security Expert

Carol Miller is an expert in the world of cyber security and 21st-century business, and she is anxious to share her expertise through these innovative courses. Carol brings her strength and her depth of knowledge to the classroom, making her a highly effective corporate trainer.

The depth of knowledge and extensive experience Carol Miller brings to the table is clear right from the start. Carol Miller began her career as an auditor and corporate accountant, and that work allowed her to develop a keen sense of processes, procedures and best practices. Carol left the world of accounting some 25 years ago, but she did not leave her dedication to corporate security behind.

Instead, Carol Miller brought her previous expertise and dedication to bear in her new career, this time as a terminal staff member working for Imperial Oil. During her tenure at Imperial, Carol was able to develop a number of safety processes and practices, ensuring that there would be no safety issues and that all stock was properly maintained.

Carol Miller also used her time at Imperial Oil to deliver top quality training to staff in WHMIS TGS (Transportation or Dangerous Goods) and CPPI (Certified Petroleum Products Institute). This emphasis on safety is part of Carol Miller’s DNA, and she proudly served the industry and shared her knowledge with industry insiders and top decision makers.

Carol Miller also took the lead in the reconciliation of stock, ensuring the proper handling of dangerous goods to reduce the risk of accidents and other common dangers. Following her tenure at Imperial Oil, Carol embarked on her third career – this time as a Microsoft Certified Professional. When she received her initial MCP certification, Ms. Miller focused mainly on customer support, but she quickly turned her focus to networking, earning her certification in networking components and router support and security.

Carol would go on to earn certifications in Cisco, Network+ and I-Net+, and she was one of the first women in Canada to earn the Security+ certification by CompTia. Since then Carol has delivered training for all of these products. During the intervening years, Carol Miller has continued to add new certifications to her portfolio, and she is now certified in Certified Ethical Hacking, Secure Computer User and Cybersafe.

This emphasis on cyber security has helped Carol become a sought-after trainer, teaching corporations the finer points of securing their network and detecting threats to their data and their infrastructures. Shortly after Carol earned her Security+ certification, she was asked to create a new training course for the Canadian Police College (RCMP) in Ottawa. This course, entitled, Networking Principles and Investigative Techniques, was a two-week training program designed specifically for forensic officers.

The Networking Principles and Investigative Techniques course began in 2004 and was held twice a year until 2012. Throughout all those years, Carol Miller served as the trainer, instructing a generation of forensic officers and helping Canadian law enforcement improve and fine-tune their procedures in the field.

During the same timeframe, Carol Miller also joined the High-Tech Crime Investigators Association (HTCIA), where she was asked to create and deliver a one-day workshop in Exchange Forensics. These days Carol regularly participates in HTCIA seminars, workshops and monthly meetings, passing on her knowledge and reinforcing the importance of cyber security for businesses and governmental agencies from coast to coast.

About Edward Granlund:

Edward Granlund is a diligent student, actively completing a degree in Cybersecurity. He skillfully retains his technical competence while the artistic, social, and adventurous facets of his personality flourish. An avid skier, CrossFit devotee, and gifted stock picker, Edward regularly embraces opportunities for personal growth and, because of his innate talents in cybersecurity, his remarkable workplace skills continue to thrive.

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