Music Duplicates Got You Down? ITunes Deduper Can Help

Duplicates. We all need duplicates of things like paperwork, household supplies, or even more. The real question is, do we need duplicate songs? The answer is no. A large percentage of Americans use iTunes as a platform for streaming and downloading music. These same people most likely suffer from the addition of duplicate songs on the playlist that slows down the process of enjoying music.

Older versions of iTunes would not block duplicate songs so music libraries would fill up and there would be no more space. Luckily, the new version iTunes helps with the process preventing duplicated songs, but that’s not a guarantee because it cannot recognize files with even one significant change. Fortunately, there is something out there that can help, and that would be the itunes deduper.

What is a deduper?

Deduper is a tool to help individuals with too many duplicate signs. Deduper is able to identify and remove the songs selected at the touch and the click of a mouse. It is easy to download and use and is free for iTunes subscribers.

Tips for deduper.

Deduper will not identify duplicates if they are from different albums. This would mean the song is on an original album and is also found on an album called greatest hits.

Deduper will give an option to remove duplicates or not. If the person chooses to remove the files, they will be moved to a file called “TuneUp Duplicates.”

Deduper always keeps the higher bitrate version with the most accurate metadata.

Deduper is aimed to keep albums complete even though the user may not want that.

Why use deduper?

Deduper is not only a tool for watching for duplicates in a playlist but can also function as a control. As many know, space in the virtual world is not always unlimited. Usually, a phone will have a given amount of storage and, if the individual needs more space, the person buys a bigger memory pack or will have to pay every month. Duplicates are a waste of space and, with deduper, users can save some hassles and money.